The following articles will appear in forthcoming print editions of the Villanova Law Review.

Volume 59:5: Third Circuit Review

  1. Lisabel Cheong, Saving Private Remedies: Bell v. Cheswick Generating Station Arms Property Owners with a Private Cause of Action Against Energy Companies
  2. Stephanie Haas, Class Is in Session: The Third Circuit Heightens Ascertainability with Rigor inCarrera v. Bayer Corp.
  3. Nicholas Karwacki, Who’s the Bully Now? The Third Circuit Gives Negligent School Districts a Constitutional “Hall Pass” in Morrow v. Balaski, Leaving Bullied Students out in the Cold
  4. Gabriella Paglieri, A Rose, Is a Rose, or Is It?  The Third Circuit Overrules the Hybrid Offense Theory for Determining Aggravated Felony Deportations in Al-Sharif v. USCIS
  5. Nicole Pedi, Bright “Idea” or Missing the Mark? The Third Circuit Restricts Reimbursement for Residential Placement Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act