The following articles will appear in forthcoming print editions of the Villanova Law Review.

Volume 59:5: Third Circuit Review

  1. Lisabel Cheong, Saving Private Remedies: Bell v. Cheswick Generating Station Arms Property Owners with a Private Cause of Action Against Energy Companies
  2. Stephanie Haas, Class Is in Session: The Third Circuit Heightens Ascertainability with Rigor in Carrera v. Bayer Corp.
  3. Nicholas Karwacki, Who’s the Bully Now? The Third Circuit Gives Negligent School Districts a Constitutional “Hall Pass” in Morrow v. Balaski, Leaving Bullied Students out in the Cold
  4. Nicole Pedi, Bright “Idea” or Missing the Mark? The Third Circuit Restricts Reimbursement for Residential Placement Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
  5. D.J. Shauger, Secret’s Out: Third Circuit Find Delaware’s State-Sponsored Arbitration Program Violates First Amendment Right of Public Access in Delaware Coalition for Open Government v. Strine