“Whose” Game Is It? Sports-Wagering and Intellectual Property

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By: Ryan M. Rodenberg, Anastasios Kaburakis & John T. Holden In 1992, Congress passed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), a statute designed to prevent the further spread of state-sponsored sports-wagering.[1] The statute’s language has the effect of granting a property right to sports leagues, implicating the Constitution’s Intellectual Property Clause.[2] The Intellectual Property […]

RFF Family Partnership, LP v. Burns & Levinson, LLP: Massachusetts Constructs a Functional Framework for In-Firm Privilege and Exposes Other States’ Need for Renovation

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By Kelsey Hughes-Blaum “In law, as in architecture, form should follow function, and we prefer a formulation of the attorney-client privilege that encourages attorneys faced with the threat of legal action by a client to seek the legal advice of in-house ethics counsel . . . .”