Volume XX


Issue 1


Stretching Copyright to its Limit: On the Copyrightability of Yoga and Other Sports Movements in Light of the U.S. Copyright Office’s New Characterization of Compilations
Alexander Bussey

What’s All the Noise About: Did the New York Yankees Violate Fans’ First Amendment Rights by Banning Vuvulezas in Yankee Stadium?
Shane Kotlarsky

Enough is Enough: The Case for Federal Regulation of Sports Agents
James Masteralexis, Lisa Masteralexis, and Kevin Snyder

Paying to Play (Somewhere Else): An Examination of the Enforceability of Athletic Conferences’ Liquidated Damages Provisions
Joe Meyer


Can we Really Ascribe a Dollar Amount to Interpersonal Communication? How Phonedog v. Kravitz May Decide Who Owns a Twitter Account
Robert J. Kolansky

Pecover v. Electronic Arts, Inc.: Should Exclusive Licensing Agreements Made by Madden NFL’s Publisher be Sacked by the Sherman and Cartwright Acts?
Robert T. Sharkey


City Walls Can Speak: The Street Art Movement and Graffiti’s Place in First Amendment Jurisprudence
Elizabeth G. Gee

Showing On-Field Racism the Red Card: How the Use of Tort Law and Vicarious Liability Can Save the MLS From Joining the English Premier League on Racism Row
Joseph B. Kenney

When Toning Shoes Strengthen Nothing More than Likelihood of Lawsuit: Why the Federal Trade Commission Needs Guidelines Regarding Proper Substantiation of Fitness Advertisements
Heather M. Mandelkehr


Issue 1


2013 Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal Symposium: “Concussion Conundrum”


National Football League General Managers: An Analysis of the Responsibilities, Qualifications, and Characteristics
Christopher R. Deubert, Glenn M. Wong, and Daniel Hatman

Missouri Sports Law
Adam Epstein


ESPN v. Ohio State:  The Ohio Supreme Court Uses FERPA to Play Defense for Offensive Athletic Programs
Konrad R. Krebs


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