Volume XXII

2014-2015 Masthead

Issue 1


NCAA Division I Athletic Directors: An Analysis of the Responsibilities, Qualifications and Characteristics
Glenn M. Wong, Christopher R. Deubert, and Justin Hayek

On the Antitrust Exemption for Professional Sports in the United States and Europe
Leah Farzin


Lance Armstrong Wins Again by Surviving a Lawsuit for Misrepresentations and Fraud Without So Much as a “SLAPP” on the Wrist
Anna Haslinsky

NCAA v. N.J.: New Jersey Rolls the Dice on a Tenth Amendment Challenge to the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act
Joshua M. Peles

O’Bannon v. National Collegiate Athletic Association: A Cinderella Story
Meghan Rose Price


Power Play: Why NHL’s Prohibition on Player Participation in Future Olympics Would Violate Sherman Antitrust Act
Ross O’Neill

Check to the Head: The Tragic Death of NHL Enforcer Derek Boogaard and the NHL’s Negligence – How Enforcers Are Treated as Second-Class Employees
Melanie Romero

Total Eclipse of the Tweet: How Social Media Restrictions on Student and Professional Athletes Affect Free Speech
Tehrim Umar

Issue 2


Game Changers: An Insider Look at a Volatile Year in Sports
Andrew Brandt, Peter M. Donohue, Vince Nicastro, and Ramogi Huma


Preparing for Another Round of Collective Bargaining in the National Basketball Association
Scott Bukstein

United States v. Barry Bonds v. Bronston: Can Section 1503 Handle the Truth?
Donald K. Kazee


Deceptive Advertising or Evolving Science? How “Barefoot Running” Demonstrates Novel Strategies for Defending False Advertising Lawsuits Under State Deceptive Trade Practices Acts
Joshua T. Calo

Pound for Pound: A Legal Analysis of the Gambling, Alcohol, and Taxation Issues the NFL Must Weigh As It Expands to London
Patrick Doughty

Kicking Away Responsibility: FIFA’s Role in Response to Migrant Worker Abuses in Qatar’s 2022 World Cup
Azadeh Erfani

Broken Bats and Broken Bones: Holding Stadium Owners Accountable for Alcohol-Fueled Fan-on-Fan Violence
Bridget Fitzpatrick

Fair Play for Those Who Need it Most: Athletic Opportunities for High School Student Athletes with Disabilities
Ian Forster

“Juuuussst A Bit Outside”: A Look at Whether MLB Owners Can Justify Paying Minor Leaguers Below Minimum Wage Without Violating the Fair Labor Standards Act
Mark Stanton


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