Volume XVI


Issue 1


The NBA Dress Code and other Fashion Faux Pas Under Title VII
by Mark R. Bandsuch

The Sovereign Nation of Baseball: Why Federal Law Does Not Apply to America’s Game and How It Got That Way
by Mitchell Nathanson


Survey: A Global Perspective on the Most Important Cases Affecting the Sports Industry
by Hayden Opie


Blades of Steal: The Fight for Control of Sports Clubs’ Websites and Media Rights in Madison Square Garden, L.P. v. National Hockey League
by Michael Huntowski


Law in the Virtual World: Should the Surreal World of Online Communities be Brought Back to Earth by Real World Laws
by David Assalone

The Dark Horse of Drug Abuse: Legal Issues of Administering Performance-Enhancing Drugs to Racehorses
by Kimberli Gasparon

Over and Out: Examining How Cognitive Radio Will Affect First Amendment Restrictions on Broadcast Media
by Theresa Skonicki

Issue 2

Symposium: The House That Taxpayers Built: Stadiums, Speech and Public Funding

Introduction: The House that Taxpayers Built: Stadiums, Speech and Public Funding 
by John C. Fuller

The House That Taxpayers Built: Exploring the Rise in Publicly Funded Baseball Stadiums from 1953 Through the Present
by Marc Edelman

The Monopoly Myth: A Comment on the Public Funding of Sports Stadiums
by Jeffrey Standen

Pilots and Public Policy: Steering Through the Economic Ramifications
by Victor Matheson & Brad R. Humphreys


Harry Potter and the Copyright Act: Have the Courts Finally Waved a Magic Wand by Defining Fair Use for Secondary Authors
by Meg Reid

Restoring the Balance: Bringing Back Consumer Rights in UMG Recordings v. Augusto by Reaffirming the First Sale Doctrine in Copyright Law
by Maureen Steimer


Full Court Press: How Collective Bargaining Weakened the NBA’s Competitive Edge in a Globalized Sport
by Matthew Epps

Are You Not Entertained – Is This Not Why You Are Here – U.S. Taxation of Foreign Athletes and Entertainers
by Stephen Taylor


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