Volume XVII


Issue 1


Sports in the Courts: The Role of Sports References in Judicial Opinions
Douglas E. Abrams

A Perception of Impropriety: The Use of Packaging Deals in College Basketball Recruiting
Erick S. Lee


Sports Agents: Ethical Representatives or Overly Aggressive Adversaries
Stacey B. Evans


Be Kind, Please Rewind: The Second Circuit Gives Cable Providers Something to Watch in Cartoon Network L.P., v. CSC Holdings, Inc.
Peter Hamner


And It Only Took Them 307 Years: Ruminations on Legal and Non-Legal Approaches to Diversifying Head Coaching in College Football 
Ron S. Hockbaum

Honest to Blog: Balancing the Interests of Public Figures and Anonymous Bloggers in Defamation Lawsuits
Yang-Ming Tham

Issue 2

Symposium: Betting on the Budget: Can State Legislatures Go All in or Will the Federal Government Force Them to Fold?

Yang-Ming Tham

The Absence of a Comprehensive Federal Policy Toward Internet and Sports Wagering and a Proposal For Change
Anthony Cabot

You Can’t Get There From Here:  IGRA Needs Reinvention Into a Relevant Statute For a Mature Industry
Antonia Cowan

U.S. Land-Based and Internet Gambling; Would You Bet on a Rosy Future?
Joseph M. Kelly

Gambling and the Law ®:  The Third Wave of Legal Gambling
I. Nelson Rose

Gambling Taxes:  The Philosophy, the Constitution and Horizontal Equity
William N. Thompson


The Supreme Court and Exclusions by Racetracks
Bennett Liebman

The Legal & Business Aspects of Career-Ending Disability Insurance Policies in Professional and College Sports
Glenn M. Wong & Chris Deubert


Huddle Up:  Surveying the Playing Field on the Single Entity Status of the National Football League in Anticipating of American Needle v. NFL
Constantine J. Avgiris

La Russa’s Loophole:  Trademark Infringement Lawsuits and Social Networks
Jillian Bluestone

Is Fashion an Art Form That Should Be Protected or Merely a Constantly Changing Media Encouraging Replication of Popular Trends?
Alissandra Burack

Nine Years and Still Waiting:  While Congress Continues To Hold Off On Amending Copyright Law for the Digital Age, Commercial Industry Has Largely Moved On
Matthew Friedman


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