Volume XVIII


Issue 1


What’s A “Clean” Agent to Do?  The Case for a Cause of Action Against a Player’s Association 
by Chris Deubert

Collective Rights Licensing for Internet Downloads and Streams:  Would it Properly Compensate Rights Holders? 
by Steven Masur

New Business Models for Music 
by Henry H. Perritt, Jr.

National Basketball Association General Managers:  An Analysis of the Responsibilities, Qualifications and Characteristics 
by Glenn M. Wong & Chris Deubert


America’s Cup in America’s Court:  Golden Gate Yacht Club v. Société Nautique de Genève 
by Joseph F. Dorfler

Paris Hilton Avoids Getting Slapped: The Application of California’s Anti-Slapp Statute to a Right of Publicity Claim in Hilton v. Hallmark Cards 
by Lindsay C. Hanifan


Born to be Used in the U.S.A:  An Alternative Avenue for Evaluating Politicians’ Unauthorized Use of Original Musical Performances on the Campaign Trail 
by Matthew J. Cursio

 Issue 2

Symposium Articles

Introduction:  A Re-Examination of the Convergence of Antitrust Law and Professional Sports Leagues 
by Christine A. Miller


Why Copperweld Was Actually Kind of Dumb:  Sound, Fury and the Once and Still Missing Antitrust Theory of the Firm 
by Chris Sagers

American Needle and the Application of the Sherman Act to Professional Sports Leagues 
by Gregory J. Werden

Is There Life After Death for Sports League Immunity?  American Needle and Beyond 
by Meir Feder

The Entrenchment of the Glass Sneaker Ceiling:  Excavating Forty-Five Years of Sex Discrimination Involving Educational Athletic Employment Based on Title VII, Title IX and the Equal Pay Act 
by Diane Heckman

The Internet and Copyright Protection: Are We Producing a Global Generation of Copyright Criminals? 
by Fredrick Odoul Oduor


The End of Indecency?  The Second Circuit Invalidates the FCC’s Indecency Policy in Fox Television Stations, Inc. v. FCC 
by John V. O’Grady


“Rolling the Dice” on Financial Regulatory Reform:  Gambling Law as a Framework for Regulating Structured Investments 
by Christopher B. Chuff

Not With A Bang, But A Whimper:  Congress’s Proposal to Overturn the Supreme Court’s Leegin Decision with the Discount Pricing Consumer Protection Act of 2009 
by Ariana E. Gillies

Kiddie Porn in the Gallery:  Defending the Artist’s Corpus or Invading the Corporal Integrity of the Subject 
by Jessica N. White


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