Volume XIX


Issue 1


Settling Cultural Property Disputes
Amy Bitterman

Defining “Public Concern” After Snyder v. Phelps: A Pliable Standard Mingles with Newsmedia Complicity
Clay Calvert

The Limited Protections of Intellectual Property Law for the Variety Arts: Protecting Zacchini, Houdini, and Cirque Du Soleil
Sara J. Crasson

The Paper Chase: The Neutral Reportage Privilege in Defamation Cases and its Impact on the First Amendment
Shelly Rosenfeld


“Send Me a Picture Baby, You Know I’d Never Leak It”: The Role of Miller v. Mitchell in the Ongoing Debate Concerning the Prosecution of Sexting
Mallory M. Briggs

Home Field Advantage: Determining the Appropriate “Turf” for Williams v. National Football League and Clarifying Preemption Precedent
Dana A. Gittleman

Sister Wives: A New Beginning for United States Polygamist Families on the Eve of Polygamy Prosecution?
Kaitlin R. McGinnis

Perplexing Precedent: United States v. Stevens Confounds a Century of Supreme Court Conventionalism and Redefines the Limits of “Entertainment”
Meredith L. Shafer

Gender Non-Conformity as a Foundation for Sex Discrimination: Why Title IX May be an Appropriate Remedy for the NCAA’s Transgender Student-Athletes
Jennifer V. Sinisi


Permitting Student-Athletes to Accept Endorsement Deals: A Solution to the Financial Corruption of College Athletics Created by Unethical Sports Agents and the NCAA’s Revenue Generating Scheme
Michael A. Corgan

Issue 2


“Moneyball’s” Impact on Business and Sports
Panelists: Jeffrey S. Moorad, Billy Beane, Omar Minaya, and Phil Griffin
Moderator: Hon. Edward G. Rendell


Penalty on the Field: Creating a NCAA Sexual Assault Policy
Trisha Ananiades

The Right of Publicity in New York and California: A Critical Analysis
Paul Czarnota

Don Fehr Trades His Ball for a Puck: Will He Continue to Score?
Jordan I. Kobritz, Jeffrey F. Levine & Steven C. Palmer

The Worst Form of Championship, Except for all of the Others That Have Been Tried: Analyzing the Potential Anti-Trust Vulnerability of the Bowl Championship Series
David L. Ricci


Brady v. NFL: How the Eighth Circuit “Saved” the 2011 NFL Season by Supporting Negotiation, Not Litigation
Erick V. Posser


This Is Hardcore: Why the Court Should Have Granted a Writ of Mandamus Compelling Mandatory Condom Use to Decrease the Transmission of HIV and STDs in the Adult Film Industry
Tara M. Allport

Driving Americans’ Perception of Recreation: Awaiting the Park Services Long-Term Solution to Address Snowmobile Access in Yellowstone National Park
Thomas M. Duncan

Stealing Home in Hollywood: Why the Takeover of the Los Angeles Dodgers Illustrates the Unjust Nature of Major League Baseball’s Antitrust Exemption
John W. Polonis

To catch an Art Thief: Using International and Domestic Laws to Paint Fraudulent art Dealers into a Corner
Amber J. Slattery


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