Strategic Planning at Villanova University School of Law

I am pleased to announce that Villanova Law’s strategic planning initiative is underway! This is a great opportunity to have the entire VL community – alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends – help shape the future direction of the School.  I invite all of you to Join the Conversation over the next few weeks and months.

Our profession, in all of its forms, is constantly changing and evolving. So must legal education. To ensure the vibrancy and relevance of our curriculum and programs, and most importantly the success of the Villanova Law graduate, we must look at new paradigms, pedagogies, as well as current and future market demands. While challenges do and will exist, I believe there are significant opportunities for us to explore. I hope to identify these opportunities together, while finding ways to build on our rich history and great traditions.

I am convinced that the process of creating a new plan and new vision is as important as the final document itself. The need to establish clear priorities and direction in order to ensure a bright future for our School is obvious, but equally important is the need to build consensus around major themes that will guide us to the ultimate plan. We are, therefore, committed to a process that is both inclusive and transparent, which is why these strategic planning web pages are being created.

Along with my senior administrative team, I will be reaching out to as many of you as possible for your advice and counsel. To ensure that all our alumni, far and wide, have the same opportunity, we will be sharing our work and progress on this site. I encourage you to stop here often to weigh in on the issues and questions posted. I am grateful to have as many of our extended community as possible be a part of the planning process, to understand the issues we are studying, and to share your views and significant expertise.





John Gotanda
Dean and Professor of Law


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