Catholic and Augustinian Identity and Community

(including how our identity shapes civility within the community, questions of morale (staff and otherwise), teaching, scholarship, calls to service, etc.)

Group Members

Christine G. Mooney (Chair) – Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Patrick Brennan – Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor of Law, John F. Scarpa Chair in Catholic Legal Studies
Michelle Dempsey – Associate Professor of Law
Abe Gafni – Professor of Law
Tuan Samahon – Professor of Law
Fr. Joe Calderone – Chaplain and Law School Counselor
Brenda Communale – Assistant Registrar

Discussion Question 1

Which aspects of the law school community best represent our Catholic and Augustinian identity and what areas provide the most opportunity for further development to align with that identity?

Discussion Question 2

How does/should our Catholic and Augustinian identity distinguish us from other law schools?

Discussion Question 3

What influence did the law school’s Catholic and Augustinian identity have on your decision to attend?


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